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Among the lush orchards and paddy, Sigiriana is a verdant oasis of serenity. It is a retreat into nature with every modern convenience at hand that is rich in its own folklore as well. The mango orchards of Sigiriana Resort have a special place in local folklore; they lull you to sleep and wake you refreshed for the day ahead. With unique quirks such as these, Sigiriana offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle of modern life that will leave you rejuvenated mind, body and soul.

Unwind in the midst of lush nature, with modern amenities such as jacuzzis and indulgent Sri Lankan cuisine at your fingertips.  The iconic heritage sites, Sigiriya Rock and Dambulla Cave Temple are minutes away. With the safaries of Minneriya Park, Sigiriya Rock to explore, and more; there is no lack of activities to indulge in at Sigiriana . Wind up your day and rejuvenate yourself with the traditional Ayurvedic treatments at the Sigiriana Spa.

Sigiriana offers an authentic experience of Sri Lanka in the most luxurious setting hidden away in the jungle. You will leave us in a state of complete rejuvenation in body, mind, and soul.


Dambulla is a town situated in the Matale district, Central Province of Sri Lanka, 148 km from Colombo. The Dambulla area is more famous for the culture and heritage present, being located at the tip of the Cultural Triangle. Attractions such as Dambulla Cave and Sigiriya Rock are within minutes of Dambulla. These are some cultural attractions in the area. Dambulla is renowned for its lush forests, national parks and of course the largest rose quartz mountain range in all of Sri Lanka. If you are a history buff or a nature lover, Dambulla holds some of the best that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s landscapes are extremely diverse from sandy beaches, highlands to arid plains and rainforests. From surfing in the South at Arugam bay, the sandy beaches of Trincomalee and the ancient cities of Central Sri Lanka, travellers have a dizzying variety to choose from. The wildlife is like no other in the region with species unique to the island thriving in the numerous wildlife parks and sanctuaries around the island. The beauty of the island lies in the variety of choices and the ease which you can access these. You can go scuba diving in the ocean, climb mountains, visit Sri Lanka’s famed tea plantations, enjoy a leisurely safari and more all in the space of at least one week.


Sri Lanka is an Island nation located in the Indian Ocean with a recorded history dating back to the 5th century BC. The ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura flourished then beginning a cultural and agricultural revolution. Buddhism was introduced and the famed vast canal system for irrigation was built during the reign of Anuradhapura. Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka is the oldest form of THeravada Buddhism which is also practiced in Thailand and other countries.Even before the beginning of recorded history of Sri Lanka, there is evidence that prehistoric humans had settled at 125,00 years ago.


The geographic location has made Sri Lanka of great strategic importance from ancient to modern times. The Dutch, Portuguese and the British have colonised the country over the course of the years, influencing local customs, architecture and cuisine.