Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriana Resort & Spa is located minutes away from the World Heritage site, Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Jutting unsupported 200 meters out of the surrounding jungles is this huge rock with a fortress built on top. The fortress is over 1,600 years old and is still beautifully preserved. Grand frescoes of the royalty at the time are painted on the walls as well as the vast royal gardens. These frescoes of ladies are considered are odes to female beauty and have great historical significance.


Surrounding Sigiriya Rock Fortress are complex water systems and gardens which are testament to the advanced architectural and engineering skills employed back in 5th Century Sri Lanka. When visiting one can stroll around the waterways and admire their beauty and design.


The view from the summit is breathtaking enough to make the climb worth it. It takes about 40 minutes to climb. The best times to climb are during the peak seasons from December to April and July to October it is best to go early morning to avoid the heat and the crowds or to go in the later afternoon to enjoy the sunset.